Friday, September 19, 2008


Have you heard of the new trend in packed lunches for school? Bento Box lunches are a traditional Japanese packed lunch, designed to be both delicious and beautiful. Crescent Moon has given me permission to post her ideas for Bento lunches for her kids.

She started by decorating the plain plastic lunch containers she got for each member of her family. She started out with these new Fit&Fresh lunch boxes.

Then she used stickers and glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint to decorate them, then painted over them with clear nail polish, so she could wash them without ruining the stickers.

This is the lid of hers:

This one is for her DH:

She gave DS a Cars theme:

Her DD has a sort of pirate theme:

And here are some of the lunches she has prepared:

The first day of school Bento:

Breakfast for lunch:

Fall Bento #1:

Fall Bento #2:

And some Pirate themed Bento lunches because Talk Like a Pirate Day was this week:

There is no picture of today's full lunch, but it contains this pirate pizza:

Are you doing something special for your kids' lunch? We would love to see your ideas! Leave us a comment with a link to your post, and if we like your idea we may include it in a future post.


Malory Rebekah said...

omg! this is sooo freaking cute! :) I wish I had a kid who I needed to pack a lunch for! but I will be applying the neat theme ideas to my toddler's meals! great post!

Dawn said...

These lunches are so fun! I don't have any lunches to pack this year but I still want to try some of these ideas anyways. I have some hard boiled egg molds shaped like a bear and a bunny that I bought from a bento lunchbox website...I love using them.

Jeri said...

Adorable - but HELLO!!! who has this much TIME??? It takes all I've got to make a PB&H, throw in some jerky, string cheese, applesauce, and a bottle of water...

Mama Zen said...

Oh, my gosh! I am totally experiencing lunch shame!

Rapunzel said...

I sooo miss packing lunches for my kids! *sniff* Anyone want to loan me their child so I can make them cute little Bento lunches?

Anonymous said...

Somebody has a LOT of time on their hands. Good for her but holy moley.

Anonymous said...

Way too much time on your hands if you do this daily. If you do this daily, get out and volunteer instead! For birthdays, special days, sure, but daily? Your kids are perfect and special, but you can use your talents better if you share them with the community outside of your immediate family.

Rapunzel said...

There's nothing wrong with spending extra time on them, be it with Bentos or whatever makes you & them happy. My kids still remember how special they felt when they opened their homemade lunches from Mom; they weren't Bento but I did cut their sandwiches into shapes, put notes in their lunches every day, etc. Your kids are small for such a short time, believe me! I wish I could go back to those days, just for a little while...young mommies, you hear it all the time but I'll say it again - enjoy it while you can!