Monday, November 5, 2007

Try Something New: Panko

What Is Panko?
Panko are Japanese bread crumbs. They are flakier and coarser that traditional bread crumbs, making them perfect for coatings and toppings.

Why Should I Try It?
The panko crumb has more surface area than traditional bread crumbs, so they get crispier and stay that way longer. Panko crumbs are generally not used as filler in meatloaf or meatballs.

What Are The Health Benefits?
Pan-frying foods when using panko means you can use less oil, and when using it as a casserole topper, you can use less butter.

Where Do I Buy Panko?
Panko is available at Asian markets, but is also available in the international section of many chain grocery stores.

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Rebecca said...

Oh I love panko! If you get Tonkatsu (it's a Japanese barbque sauce) there's a great recipe on the bottle for making pork with it. It's so yummy - I eat it with rice & cabbage. My Japanese friend back home showed me how to make it and I love it. Tonkatsu can usually be found at the grocery store with other oriental foods and of course at Asian food stores. You should try it out sometime!