Thursday, April 19, 2007

Interactive Post: Kitchen Disasters

Jen and I have decided to periodically post topics that our readers can participate in. If you wish to answer a question or share a story, leave a comment and one of us will transfer your comment to the main page.
Today's topic is kitchen disasters.
Share some of your worst kitchen disasters, be it a recipe gone horribly wrong, an enormous mess, appliance malfunction, or anything involving blood.

It's just me... said...
Oh this is great. Here is my story, which is famous in my family. I am not known for being a cook. In fact for the first few years of our marriage (sans kids) I rarely ventured into the kitchen except for a glass of water. When I do cook I only like to use recipes as an idea for where to start, and then I go off on my own. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

One day we were invited to my grandma's for dinner and asked to provide the dessert. She is an excellent cook - and I wanted to compliment her dinner with something tasty and rich. I got the idea out of a book to do a three-layer chocolate divine cake with peanut butter frosting. I baked the cakes and started making the frosting. Had I bothered to read directions for making a peanut butter frosting, I would have noticed the ratio of PB with everything else. Well I didn't.The frosting tasted great so I decided to spread it on the cake. Well the cake was still warm so you can imagine what happened. As soon as I stuck the second layer it slid off right onto the floor. My third layer than became my second layer, with the help of about fifty toothpicks struggling to hold it on. By the time we reached my grandma's the cake had slid around multiple times, breaking into pieces and looking quite disgusting.Everyone was a champ and took a piece but not before they took pictures of me with my attempt at being Martha Stewart!

Jen said...
All in all, I managed to create a decent tomato soup for lunch today, with one caveat. Since I ended up using copious amounts of onions, it didn't have a very smooth texture. I decided to puree it in the blender to take care of that. When I turned on the blender, I noticed the circular plug in the top of the lid was wobbly, so I went to straighten it and turned it the wrong way, (next time I will remember "righty tighty, lefty loosey") and the plug fell directly into the blender which shredded it right into the soup. I'm sure that if plastic offgassing isn't good for food in the refrigerator, actual plastic shavings aren't too good for direct ingestion so the soup was ruined, as was my blender.

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