Saturday, October 20, 2007

Poll Round-Up: Eating As A Family

Our September/October Poll was about eating meals as a family. Thirty-four of you voted, with 44% voting for 'every night' and 47% voting for 4-5 times per week.

These days, it seems everyone is busy, so setting aside time to spend together as a family can be difficult. Since everyone needs to eat, mealtime is a great way to make sure you're getting that quality time with your spouse and kids before everyone rushes off to activities and jobs.

Contributor Jen says, "We eat dinner together every night. Since [my husband's] schedule is such that he can't always be with us because of travel, the kids and I still do. We also eat lunches and breakfasts together. When [my husband] leaves to get on a plane at dinner time, I fix a big lunch as our "dinner" for the day, so we still get to enjoy a nice meal together before he leaves."

Reader Lisa says, "I love the family dinner. The kids and I eat together most nights. If my hubby can be home, we all eat together, but he has a long commute and we never know when he will show. I just had one enter high school, though, and you never know with sports what will change. The goal is to eat together as much as possible."

Debbie says, "We will have Daddy on speakerphone if he can't be with us. Sometimes we will have a quick snack dinner with finger foods to eat quickly and more relaxed. Otherwise we always have family night on Friday and work very hard at making sure we don't book anything that night."

Erin says, "Even when [my son] refuses to eat his dinner, we still make him sit at the table with us while we eat. Its the one thing I insist on doing as a family as much as we possibly can."

Thanks for the ideas ladies! Be sure to vote in our new poll and check back next month for the results.

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Jen38 said...

What a great post Jen, this time together as a family is priceless.

My MIL gave me some notes from a study done by CASA - Columbia University, on the Importance of Family Dinners.

For teens, their risk of substance abuse is cut in half when:

1. They have frequent family dinners
2. Low levels of tension and stress among family members
3. Parents are fair and proud of their teens
4. Teens have a parent in whom they can confide in

Thought you would enjoy that info. I keep a copy of it on my fridge. I constantly need reminders of good habits like these! Have a great Sunday, Jen